Time to get your skates on if you want to be opening Easter eggs in a new house

14/01/2019 12:57:43

The Christmas decorations are packed away, and St Valentine’s Day cards will soon be in the shops.

It’s a timely reminder to those planning a move this year that, if you want to be in your new dream property by the Easter holidays, you really need to get motoring.

Many will have put off the inevitable until after the festive period on the mistaken assumption that, December and January are quiet periods for property sales.

But with the current pace of the market in central Scotland, leaving things any later than early February is already pushing it if you want to be opening your Easter eggs in your new home.

People are so desperate to move in some parts of the central belt, they’ve made it the country’s fastest selling area, according to a survey published at the end of last year.

Scottish Property Centre Shawlands achieved some of the fastest selling times in the UK with  properties taking an average of just 17 days to sell.

High demand and a relative scarcity of properties for sale has created a mini boom in the with many homes being snapped up within days of going on the market.

If you list your property on the market now, it’s priced correctly and you’ve had a decent number of viewings, chances are you’ll be receiving offers by early February. 

Factor in between three to four weeks for the conveyancing process – assuming you have a solicitor who’s on the ball and you’re not in a lengthy chain -  and, all being well, you could be munching buttered Hot Cross Buns over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend. 

Archie Love, Director of Scottish Property Centre Motherwell, said: “Once the festive period is over, most people who are serious about selling will be looking to Easter as the next realistic deadline by which to have the process complete.

“Because of that, we will expect to see an upturn in the market over the next month or so as more sales are completed and momentum builds.

“With some areas of Glasgow and Lanarkshire among the quickest locations for property sales in the UK, we anticipate both buyers and sellers will be quick out of the blocks to secure a sale before Easter.”

If you’re not getting the level of interest in your property that you expected, and you’re keen to generate more viewings, price may be to blame according to Archie.

“While parts of central Scotland have seen significant price increases in the past year, that’s not the case universally and you should pay attention to local sales records,” he said.  

“Pricing your property at a slightly higher level is a tempting option in the hope that momentum will carry it along, but buyers are savvy and conscious of what’s happening with the local market.

“You should always speak to a professional agent who has knowledge and experience of the local market if you want to avoid your house being on the market for longer than necessary.  You can avoid that pitfall by pricing it realistically at the start of the process.”

For more information and advice on marketing your property contact your local Scottish Property Centre branch or visit https://www.scottishpropertycentre.net

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